Elena Wolk

How to Beat the Travel Itch

Elena Wolk

I am not sure about you but I constantly have the travel itch. Until I can afford to travel nonstop I have to find ways to satisfy the traveling urge. I live in NYC but I feel that you can use these tips wherever you live!

·      Go to restaurants that transport you

·      Indian: Royal Bangladesh Indian

·      Japanese: Village Yokocho

·      SE Asian: Spice Market NYC

·      American: River Café

·      Portuguese: Lupulo

·      French: Lafayette

·      Moroccan: Shalel Lounge

·      Art Museums (French Feels)

·      Whitney Musuem

·      MoMa

·      Guggenheim

·      Plan a trip. Even if its long term this will help you. At least you know you have something to look forward to!

·      Do something different than your daily routine. If you do the same thing all the time stepping out of your rut will feel new.

·      Be a tourist in your own town

·      Break out of your comfort zone and do something different