Griffith Observatory - LA

This is a nightmare to get to! Crazy crowded and parking -- oh my gosh, don't get me started. Park at the bottom ($4) and ride the trolley up ($0.50). I drove up to the top and parked on the hill but I would not recommend this because it took a while. Arriving at the museum you see a grand white building with several domes. Breathtaking. Entry to the museum is free but screenings are $7. I decided to see Centered in the Universe. THIS IS AWESOME! This mini movie blows your mind. It breaks down the science into something that is easy to grasp in a fun way. The seats lay back and the narrator's voice is a bit too soothing but otherwise it was perfect. Side note: the woman who guides you during the presentation is obsessed with holding a circular light. After the presentation, I walked through the different rooms and read about space, earth, and the moon. On the roof, there is a door for you to get a glimpse of one of the large telescopes.

The best part of this museum are the outside decks. Since the museum is set high above the city the views are amazing! Every outdoor area has a view. The Hollywood sign can even be seen from the roof. If you are feeling like hiking there is a great hike behind the museum. Many people hike for views of the sign but if you continue the hike it goes to the top of the hill. View pictured above from top. It took me about 40 minutes to get to the top because the path winds around the hill instead of straight up. MAKE SURE YOU TAKE THE SAME PATH DOWN. It is hard to tell which path you took because there are a few going down. I accidentally took the wrong one and it was an extra mile and a half back to the museum. They all look the same! 

This is definitely a recommended museum. Going later in the day (maybe like an hour and a half before closing time) would be a good idea. Seeing the sunset and stars from the roof would be an incredible experience. If I get to go back I am going to try to go at night. Although the only issue is later in the day the Griffith becomes a lot more crowded. If you find a good balance let me know!