It has been a long time since I have ventured to Orange County. Luckily one of my aunts lives there and could be my tour guide for this trip! She suggested we rent from Pedego which lets you rent electric bikes for an hour up to a day. These are seriously awesome! I have never had the amazing pleasure of renting an electric bike before but it is quite the luxury. You can turn off the electric portion of the bike if you wish. Not going to lie I utilized the motor on some (okay all) of the hills.

My aunt has biked the area before and suggested that we ride the back bay loop. However, if you are not sure where to go the bike employees had some great suggestions. Total we rode about 7 miles but if the daylight allowed for a longer ride I would have been up for it. Back bay is a lovely ride. In total, it is around 10 miles circling a lake. The views are great and at least when I went it was not crowded. Watch out for cars though because they are allowed on the path. Birds fly around the marsh and overhead. Picturesque.

After back bay we rode along the water in Corona del Mar. I WANT TO MOVE HERE. The houses are all beautiful and are along the water. There is a sort of cliff between them and the water so they are high above with crazy views. Palms line the streets. Also helps that there is a See's Candies within walking distance... There are so many paths down to the water with benches and tables. It is just a great place to hang out and maybe bring a picnic. Within walking distance to restaurants. IT IS PERFECT. I am building my house as we speak.