Elena Wolk


Elena Wolk

Not sure if you've been on Instagram lately but Rumble is everywhere. Men and women  are flexing in front of the iconic mural that plaster the Rumble walls. This has flooded my feed and I figured I might as well see what all the type is about. I bought the two for one class for $34. This was the best deal the studio offers. The classes are not cheap that's forsure.

My first class wasn't great but the second class I took was at the new Noho studio. It is clean and modern. You could tell that it had just opened and parts of the workout space still were not finished. There was still paint and tape in certain places. My teacher's name was Dagmara and she was awesome! She really pushed the class and gave us a great workout. The best thing in my opinion is that the studio projects the punching combinations all over the walls so you always have a reference. However, this is hard for beginners because only the numbers are listed and not the punch names. The teacher does demonstrate before each set but quickly and only once.

I would not recommend this studio for people who have never boxed. Upon starting class the teacher briefly and I mean very briefly went over the punches in number order. It was hard to see and the teacher is not placed in a great spot visually for everyone to see. Rumble makes you choose a bag or floor position when you book the class. My friend and I chose floor position 5 and 6 because online it looked like it had a good view but when we got to the bags for those numbers it was hard to see. Even the floor position was hard to see from. After the punching summary I was on the floor so we started off with the first set. There were two more sets after that. All three of these sets included arm and leg workouts. Each set we did as many as possible in the time limit we were given. Then we swapped and found our coordinating bag number (5,6 same as the floor). Let's just say I prefer to start off on the floor because you start with the harder workout when not tired. Floor and bags both were done twice but with different sets/combinations every round. Total there were 9 or 10 rounds I believe. That way you mix up the boxing and circuit style workout. I feel it works different muscles so you get a tiny rest even while still working out. I do wish we added more abs. In between each boxing round when the teacher was showing us the combos we would do boxer crunches but I would have liked a little more concentrated focus.

All in all I really enjoyed this studio. There were a crazy amount of people in the class but it went pretty smoothly because everyone was assigned a number so you knew where to go. I loved Dagmara as a teacher and I think I will go to her again next time I workout at Rumble.