Elena Wolk

First Boxing Class?

Elena Wolk

Do not be deterred from taking your first boxing class. It is great for relieving stress and having fun. Boxing also burns crazy calories. Also, beware it is easy to become addicted!

To Bring

- Water bottle (easy to open no screw off tops)

- Hand wraps (or you can purchase at a studio)

- Hand sanitizer (rental gloves smell horribly)


What to Wear

- Tank tops (I recommend this over just a sports bra because most gyms have you do floor work and it hurts to be bare backed on the ground)

- Legging crops or shorts (I prefer legging crops for floor work and they are less fabric than full length so less hot)

- Good tennis shoes (this is obvious but so crazy necessary)


Your first boxing class can be a challenging one because they are fast paced and it can be hard to keep up. I recommend looking up the basic punches before class. It is good to know what they are when the teacher calls them out. They will also go quickly over different punches but it is good to have basic knowledge to add onto. I really recommend getting to class 15 - 20 minutes before class. That way you can check in, meet the teacher, get your hands wrapped, and find a good spot in the studio. A place in the room with a good view of the instructor is important if you are just starting out. Ask questions! Instructors want to help and having the correct form is important since boxing is all based on the fundamentals.

Almost every boxing class I have been to has a similar class set up. The first 10 minutes are a warm up. This consists of high intensity moves like high knees, burpees, mountain climbers, etc.. The majority of class is made up of boxing combinations. It starts simple with a few minutes of cross punches (dominate boxing hand) and then a few minutes of jab punches. Tip: Your dominate boxing hand is opposite of your dominate in everyday life dominate hand. For example, I am right handed but my boxing strong hand is my left. Next, is a few minutes of right and left arm hooks, followed by upper cuts. After you take the time and practice each punch the instructor will start combining them. If you didn't practice the punches before class this might be challenging. You really need to remember the name of punches for combos. Whoever your instructor is they will demonstrate each combination before you practice but they go fast and it can be hard to see. They also might just add a punch to a previous combination.

Boxing is a lot of cardio so if you get tired you can punch light to try to conserve energy but try not to stop moving. You can always grab water. Don't feel discouraged though because even I get tired. The instructor purposely tries to burn you out and push you to exhaustion. So if you aren't tired you are not pushing yourself enough. Class typically finishes with about 15 minutes of abs. Lastly, you stretch, wipe down your bag, and pat yourself on the back. Congrats on your first class! Feel free to contact me with studio recommendations or even to just say hi. Thanks for reading.