Elena Wolk

Elevate Interval Fitness - DC

Elena Wolk

To mix up my D.C. schedule I googled fitness classes in the area (big lover of google), found Elevate Interval studio, and decided to sign up. Upon arriving, I checked in, and filled out a waiver. The place felt pretty industrial, minimal, and clean. The front desk leads into a small hallway that includes a bathroom, shower, and lockers. After placing my things in a locker I walked to the right into the workout space. It was a large room with treadmills, rowing machines, bikes, and open floor space.

The class started on time with the instructor, Eric. He explained that the class will be split into a few groups. Half started on the right switching between running, fan bikes, and rowing machines. While the ofter half of the class switched between different floor exercises.

I started on the floor. For the first 6 minutes we went in a continuous loop through a HIIT workout . It felt almost like a race against the whole class. Everyone seemed to want to beat each other which I am sure was supposed to motivate. Second round we partnered up. We did TRX burpees then you switch and the other partner does the move. The person who didn't do the circuit at the time held a hallow body hold until it was their turn.

After 25 minutes our group switched with the treadmill. My partner and I were still paired up and I started on the treadmill while she was on the rowing machine. We alternated between one person running and one rowing. The runner would set the machine on a decently paced run and they would run until the rower reached a certain number of meters. Then we swapped. After my turn on the rowing machine I was back on the treadmill running while my partner burned 18 calories on a fan bike. We swapped again and it was my turn. Back on the treadmill I went but this time everyone was and we ran a sprint alternating with a rest every minute.

Overall, I enjoyed this class. It was a bit hard for my first time to follow what was happening. The class was very large, around 30 people. There wasn't much instructor either and I had to watch regulars in the class to figure out what to do next. I talked to the instructor, Eric, after class and he mentioned that he found it better not to explain the entire class prior to starting because most people forgot anyway. He thinks it's easier to watch others and pick up as you go along. Other people in class were very helpful in letting me know what was next. I think the first class would be the most challenging and then you understand the structure. I would definitley return if I lived in the area. It was a great workout!