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Box N Burn - LA

Elena WolkComment

Box n Burn is located in the wealthy neighborhood of Brentwood, CA. FIRST CLASS IS FREE!!! You walk up to a sort of strip mall and inside seems to be an office lobby. Stairs on the right are labeled with the studio title. Down the stairs open up into one large room (one third pictured above) split into four sections. The four include two rings on the right, bags on the left, and in the back is Astro-turf.

Once I entered, I was greeted and checked in. Gloves, wraps, and a rag were provided. I felt a bit overwhelmed at the beginning because there were so many trainers all talking to me at once. I came ten minutes before and I would recommend arriving maybe 12 to 15 minutes ahead of time. Once everyone was wrapped everyone started yelling get to the turf. I was thinking what?? I saw them all ushering us boxers to the back of the room. The main trainer instructed us what to do at all the stations so fast - that my head was spinning a bit. A second after he was finished, the beginners (people who had never been to the studio before) were ushered into a ring. This felt a little bit flawed because I was grouped with people who had boxed before just not at this studio and people who had never held a glove before.

The first five minutes an instructor explained the different boxing combinations and moves. At least clarification is always good! At the next station we went into another ring but there were four trainers. We alternated between hitting bags and working with the trainer. This was awesome because I haven't been to a class before with so many trainers. The hard thing was that I would go to the bag and a trainer would tap me to work so I never really knew who I was working with next or if I was on bag.

The following sequence was bags, and turf. We did the whole thing three times. THIS WORKOUT IS EXHAUSTING! By the third round I was dead tired. The studio definitely lives up to its name because I was both boxing and burning. Overall, I really enjoyed the trainers! The whole workout felt very personal and there was always a trainer to work with. The last fifteen minutes of abs I wanted to die but it was effective. I would love to join this gym if I lived in the area. Let me know your thoughts if you try this class!