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Elena WolkUrban Boxing

I am in Washington DC with a friend for a few days and wanted to try some classes in the city. I talk about boxing so often that she suggested we take one together. I looked up 'boxing classes Washington DC' and found a long list. After reading the reviews, I picked Urban Boxing. The studio had many google reviews and looking through them I found almost all to be positive and glowing. I called and found out the first class was free so I signed us both up for noon.

The outside was nice, clean, and easy to find. Upon entering you notice how big the space is. The open feel was enjoyable and felt larger because of the floor to ceiling front windows. The check in desk is central easy to locate. Cubbies for storage are places along the check in desk. I do wish these were back farther by the punching bags so I could see my things during class. To the right is a mat space and a ring. Back farther are a large group of bags. We spent the entire time in the bag area of the studio.

We arrived, checked in, and got our hands wrapped. The instructor's name was Mike and he was awesome! The class started with jumping jacks, squats, squat jumps, and lunges. The interesting part of the workout was that abs were included in the warm up. This lasted around 6 minutes.

After the warm up we went right into punches. Solely cross punches for a few minutes followed by jabs. Similar to other boxing classes this led into combinations. However, what I liked about this particular class is that the instructor, Mike, came around and made form corrections. He gave me suggestions that I have never received comments on. I could use the corrective comments live and in class. Usually, I have to wait until class ends to ask the instructor for tips and then I have to remember and can't utilize the tips until the following class.

The main portion of class was that Mike demonstrated a combination and then we repeated the combo for three minutes with the last 30 seconds counted down. This went on for about 45 minutes. Following combos we went into abs again! Ugh, I was dead. I wish there could have been more instruction on this portion of class because Mike just said do 250 ab exercises. We as classmates could pick which workouts we did individually as long as it added up to 250.

I really enjoyed this workout. Not because we did anything that I haven't done at another gym but because of how involved the instructor was. He was really attentive in the workout. He spent the time walking around and correcting stances and punching form. For the downside, I would like to say that the music needed to be louder and improved, more energetic.