Switch Playground - NYC


On Sunday I went to the brand new soho studio for Switch Playground. It looked to be still under construction and apparently was only the second week of classes. Walking in there the front door there is a small space just including the front desk. Then, you walk downstairs and there is a skinny hallway with lockers on one side and a door to the studio on the other. At the end of the hallway are the locker rooms.

Class started a few minutes late and we were let into one large room. There are yoga mats laying in the middle of the room and the teacher directs us in a mini yoga session. To me, it seems a bit weird to do this at the beginning of the class since the workout is so high intensity. I want to be amped up for class to start not relaxed. We didn't do a warm up really and I would have rather had that as the intro and the yoga as a cool down. Just to get the juices flowing and my energy up.

Upon entering the gym, we were given towel with numbers indicating and post yoga we were asked to find the station matching the number. What is interesting about Switch is that each station is two minutes only. The instructor counts down each 30 seconds and then starts over. I assume this is to make the station seem to go by faster. There are about 8 trainers per class and each covers about three stations. Every station was a different exercise. Arms and legs were really worked! Abs were not really focused on which I would have liked more of. The issue I have is that sometimes each station would have more than one exercise and you were only given two minutes. By the time the trainer came around and showed you the proper form you have less than a minute. Signs could be placed around the room in front of the stations to limit the need for the instructors to be running around. There was one trainer for every three stations. 

To me the whole class is overwhelming. There is a DJ booth with loud music and a sort of commentator who counts down the minutes. He was wayyyy too peppy for me but he kept the mood energetic. The instructors are all very nice and encouraging but I do not think this is the gym for me. Try it for yourself though!!