I am not sure how I felt about this class. From what I could gather the room must have been a new installment because everyone in the class kept saying "oh the room looks so nice" and "when did they finish". So I could not tell if the class itself plus the room were new or just the room. But let me back track.

I have never been to Work Train Fight before and saw the class was recommended for me on Classpass (one word?). I love trying new classes so I signed up. The class was on Bleecker street on the second floor. I always know if the gym is small if it specifies a floor because that means it is in an office building. I go upstairs and basically run into bags, turn left and there is reception, farther left is a ring. Conclusion, it was definitely small and an interesting layout. After checking in I turned left again and walk past lockers, locker rooms, and then finally arrive at the classroom in the far back. The previous class was still in the room and there were pink lights filling the room.

They exited the class and it was time to enter. The class started about five minutes late, two of the girls had never boxed before in their life so he had to wrap for them. My instructor's name was Clint. A mid-thirties guy with a handlebar mustache and lots of tattoos. Class starts and we do a HIIT exercise (ex: high knees, burpees, squat jumps). After, we shadowbox for awhile (punching an imaginary opponent). Between each group of punches we do a different HIIT exercise. This is exhausting. Next, the class is split up into two groups. Oh, I forgot to mention the class was only about 10 people. Super nice! Sorry, side note over. So, we are split into two groups. We are doing stations. The right group will be doing bag punching, shadow boxing, and then two of the stations were working with instructors. The left group is doing push up - bicep curls, lunge then leg raise (the still leg is on one of those half balls), and then there were two more but I can't remember. Sorry! They were challenging that's all you need to know. After we completed each station on our side we swapped and did the other side.

After we ran through all stations on both sides we did an abs workout for about 10 minutes. Next, we did shadowboxing then another 10 minute abs work out. Ugh, so dead at this point. Last, we did arms. THIS KILLED!!! We grabbed weights (about 5lb each arm) and did straight punches, straight out holds, and side out straight holds. Each were 30 seconds and we did this set three times. By the end everyone was exhausted.

I am not denying this was a good workout. IT DEFINITELY WAS! I just think maybe it could have been structured better. There didn't seem to be a set schedule for the workout and I feel like there needed to be more than one instructor. Another came in for about 5 minutes but that was it. The class also needs more than two bags in the class. The instructor was good but I feel he should walk around and give more corrections. The studio has another class that uses more heavy bags so I think next time that is what I will try!

Clint actually approached me following class, gave me his card, and said he would like to train me. Eeekkkk! First trainer offer. That means I am promising as a boxer or so bad he thinks I need help. Hahha I must be getting better!! Too poor to afford this at the moment but maybe sometime I will give a personal training lesson a shot.