Yesterday was my first experience with Shadowbox. My roommate has taken several classes from the studio and referred me. Although, I was not quite sure if I would enjoy the workout based on listening to her speak about it. She described it using one word over and over again: basic. I didn't quite understand what she meant until I arrived.

Pictured above is the lobby of the Flatiron location. It is very cutesy. Palms painted everywhere and the studio is all white with touches of reclaimed wood. There is a mini bar area to the left of the front desk (not pictured). I have no idea what it is really used for but I think it adds to the look they are going after. There is also a boxing ring (pictured above) to the left behind the bar. It is not really a functioning ring because the ropes are twine... not sure how that would work. I didn't get a chance to stand in the ring but it could be functional for personal training. I won't rule that out but I am assuming it's just for looks.

Behind the ring is a bench area, a sort of waiting room since the front near the desk is tiny. To the right are the men and women's locker rooms, which are very nice and clean. They provide soap, shampoo, q-tips. Stocked up! Towels are also provided. I appreciated all of these things since people don't want to walk around sweaty. Makes working out easier to do and then go on with the rest of your day. Behind the changing rooms are lockers and then behind that is the classroom.

About five minutes before class starts the previous class comes out. We are told to wait while someone (I assume/hope) cleans the room. A few minutes later we are let in. The room is packed and I mean like a few feet between each bag. Immediately the room feels small. It isn't but there is so little room between bags it feels that way. I find my reserved bag, 18. This was given a star on their website for a good view of the instructor. It was okay. I felt that any spot was difficult to see. I have absolutely no idea how the back bag people saw anything. Luckily, there were mirrors everywhere but it was so dark it didn't make the visuals much better.

Class starts. Let me start by saying I took their challenging class which is at 8:30pm. We do a sort of HIIT exercise. I was not very intense but it got your heart pumping. Then, we were taught all of the punches, helpful if you have never boxed but this was supposed to be the advanced class so it seemed to go on a bit longer than necessary. First, were just jabs then just cross punches. Next, we started combining punches and jabs. We did the same thing with uppercuts and hooks. After we singled out punches we started putting them together slowly into longer combinations. I like how it started with very simple punches then got more challenging as we went on. Weirdly, after about twenty or thirty minutes of different combos the instructor had us remove our gloves and do an ab workout. Just the basics like crunches, bicycles, and planks for about ten to fifteen minutes. After, we put the gloves back on and did combos for another fifteen minutes, we stretched, and then class was over.

I thought the class was okay! I definitely agree with my roommate about the studio and class being basic. It is so cutesy it does not feel like a real studio. Also, the instructor was wayyyy to happy. It was strange. I know he was probably just trying to motivate us but it came off as creepy. This might be perfect for some people and I am not denying that! I just feel this is not the right studio for me. I might take a class once in awhile from Shadowbox but my top two studios at the moment are Title boxing and Overthrow (underground class).

**** Also you can rent gloves but they smell sooooo horribly. I do not recommend. ****