Intense. This is probably the best word to describe this gym. I have taken this class twice now and both times I got an amazing workout! I have been to both the midtown east and hudson yards location. I prefer the midtown east location. You enter and immediately walk down a flight of stairs into an open area. Directly in front is reception and behind that a ring (I assume for personal training). To the left is a whole lot of punching bags. The teacher always stands in the middle of all the bags. Best advice I have is to pick a bag near the center so you can see but not too close. Hahah although the teacher always walks around so you can't really get away with taking any breaks. 

The teacher I had at midtown east was Angel and he was great! He was very encouraging and funny. He pushed me to my limit that is for sure. I didn't want to do anymore burpee for days after. YOU WILL BE SORE AFTER THIS CLASS. This studio is challenging for all levels. I do cardio around 5 days a week and this class kills me. The best thing about boxing is that you can always make it harder by punching stronger or faster. I love it!

The class starts with a fifteen minute warm up. The basics including high knees, jumping lunges, jumping jacks, burpees, and so much more (all gruelling). Next you start following the instructor in combinations. Each combo is around 5 minutes and then for 30 seconds you do a HIIT exercise. After one thirty seconds you go on to the next combination. It continues on like this switching up the HIIT exercise each time. The last 15 minutes finish up with several different ab workouts. The whole class is 60 minutes and by the end you can't move a muscle.

I will definitely be back!