9 Round Fitness - Orange County

 The white signs mark the different stations

The white signs mark the different stations

I obviously love boxing but am always up for trying something new. 9 Round offers a personalized training workout and you can come on your own schedule. You may ask how is this possible??? Since there are nine stations whenever you decide to come to the studio you can just jump into station one. What you do at that station is listed on a white board and can be adapted by the trainer. The trainer walks around and adjusts your form and keeps you motivated. Each station is three minutes so the 30 minutes flies by. First class is free! Below are what we did. I recommend wrapping your hands before class because there is no time during.

Station one: Jump roping

30 sec: V (straight arms and legs) in and out

Station two: Alternating TRX bicep curls (stand at 45 degree angle) then hammer curls

30 sec: Russian twists

Station three: Double end bag (never had done this before)

30 sec: Plank with leg lifts

Station four: Fast punches

30 sec: Push ups

Station five: Alternating between shoe lace kicks and uppercuts

30 sec: Sit ups

Station six: Fast punches and hooks

30 sec: Plank with butt raises (walk feet in then butt raise then back to plank and repeat)

Station seven: Power kicks and standing pushing the bag above your head

30 sec: Tricep push ups

Station eight: Speed bag

30 sec: Skiers

Station nine: Abs medicine ball sit ups

30 sec: Plank with hip dips

Overall this was a good class. I think I would enjoy it more if I went often and knew what each stations were my memory. Personally I love to mix my workout up and this studio only offers membership so I am not sure how long I could go before I would be tired of it. Give this a try and let me know what you think!