Street View for Overthrow

Street View for Overthrow

Tonight I decided to attend a class at the Overthrow Boxing Gym. This was my fourth time attending this studio and I can't get enough!

Walking up to this gym is a little frightening. It looks like a biker bar hangout. That is honestly how I would describe it. There is graffiti everywhere and old posters are plastered on the facade. Usually very legit boxers are hanging around outside having either come in early or are just finishing. I am not sure I would know what the place was if I was just passing by. 

Once you walk in you feel a bit overwhelmed. The lighting is dim and there are bright neon signs everywhere. Fighting posters and merchandise line the walls. I checked in at the front desk. Today I did the Underground (basement of the studio) but there are two sections: Ring Work and the Underground. Ring Work from my experience, seems to be more technique and combinations. The Underground is preferable for me because it seems to be higher intensity and the instructor doesn't stop to explain as much. The first 10 - 15 minutes of both classes are a HIIT workout that combines punches with burpees. All the good stuff.

For the underground you then go into practicing punching combinations solo. Partner work comes next where you do combinations but with someone else! Combinations are always impossible for me to remember (my memory is the worst) but it's nice to work with a partner that way it's one more person to help remember. Burnout follows which means you punch as fast or as hard as you can for a certain amount of time. The name is definitely fitting because it wipes you out! Abs are last to finish out the class.

I have only had two instructors at this studio: Julian D and Dan Halen. Julian was a great instructor! He slowly showed us the moves more than once slowly so we could follow along. He came around and corrected form and was very helpful. He pushed us hard and the class got a great workout. I will definitely sign up with him again. Dan Halen I have had for both Ring Work and the Underground. He has a tough love attitude and pushes you very hard. His classes are great but be prepared to be sworn at during the entire class. He calls people out and if you finish last you do push ups. I would not recommend him for beginners. Last time I took class with him I got sworn at. A lot. However, today I was told I was doing a good job. Progress people. Basically, I couldn't stop smiling after that.

Overall, I love this gym. Every class I have taken has been challenging and an amazing workout. The staff are all very helpful in correcting form and repeating combos. My one suggestion would be to install fans in the Underground. It gets crazy hot down there. DO NOT COME TO THIS CLASS WITHOUT WATER AND A SWEAT RAG!!!!