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Elena Wolk

I was born and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota, near the Twin Cities. I grew up playing sports but never really enjoyed working out. It always seemed sort of like a chore. I graduated high school playing tennis. When I got to college I went to the gym every once and awhile but it still wasn't a passion of mine. I graduated with a degree in Fashion Design and moved from the midwest to NYC. I gained a job in fashion design for a fitness company. This is when I started working out regularly. I didn't have a lot of money and wasn't sure that I wanted to commit to paying for an expensive gym so I found a gym that was $25 a year. Yes, you read that right (shoutout to Chelsea Recreation Center)!! Classes run every day and are included in the price. I started going five days a week.

Once I got in shape I really started to enjoy working out. Let me tell you it was a long rough road to get to this point though hahaha! I joined ClassPass (not paid to say this) and started going to other classes. I tried boxing at Gotham Gym and was hooked. I have since tried many different studios and will never get tired of boxing.

I consider myself a nomad. I do not like to stay in one place so I travel every couple of months. I get this huge excitement when I go somewhere new. I have been so fortunate in having parents who love to travel and were able to take me on vacations growing up. However, I got hooked on traveling when I studied abroad in college and haven't stopped since (and never will)! I went to Sweden & Denmark in December, Utah, Nevada, & Arizona in May, LA in June, and am planning a trip to Israel for this next December. I cannot wait!!!

Looking forward to keeping you posted on my life journey. I promise not to endorse anything I do not fully believe in.